Life & Health

  • Health Insurance for your Employees : Quantum offers a wide variety of products, from fully insured to partially self insured medical health insurance programs to as few as 5 employees. .    Quantum offers National Networks covering employees in all 50 states.  To keep you and your employees in the best of health, we also offer national ancillary programs for dental, vision, life, and paid family leave.
  • Life Insurance  : While most think of life insurance as a source for family protection, there are more types and uses for family AND business applications.  Make sure you’re getting the right levels and types of life insurance, whether you’re looking at estate planning, differed compensation, key man, executive, and even bonus plans. 
    Make sure you’re adding life insurance for buy-sell, cross purchase agreements among owners, and entity purchase agreements, too. Quantum Insurance Services experienced team is ready to help you understand all Life Insurance options.  
    For additional personal and business financial security, ask the Quantum team about critical illness riders, what they’ll cover, and if you need one.
  • Long term Care  :  Don’t let your assets be demolished…  For your quality of life and and the emotional and comfort of your dependents , make sure you have Long Term Care coverage.   Quantum’s team is ready to help you evaluate evaluate your current policy & if there are have better options; we have the proven experience to guide you through the changing products and policies.
  • Disability :  The chance of a 20-year-old having a disability lasting six or more months before the age of 67 is around 30%…   in fact, at no age below 65 is the probability of disability less than the probability of death! 
    Make sure your insurance company knows exactly how to help you!  Quantum’s team will explain the importance of non-cancellable & guaranteed renewable policies, and that the policy provides a ‘your own occupation’ definition of disability  thing about disability coverage is that the policies be non-cancellable & guaranteed renewable   –  and that the policy provides “your own occupation” definition of disability.   If you’re a key person to your business, you should understand, overhead insurance.
    If these are new ideas or terms, for you, it’s time to speak with Quantum!